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Urology – Index (According to our catalog)

4 Ureteral Stents, Standard Double-J and Multiloop Stents
5 Ureteral Stents, Standard Double-J and Multiloop Stents
6 Ureteral Stents, ”Specialities”
7 Ureteral Stents, ”Specialities”
8 Ureteral Stents, ”Specialities”
9 Ureteral Stents, Hydrophilic
10 Ureteral Superstents, Longlife
11 Ureteral Stents, Soft Loops
12 Ureteral Stents, Anti-Bacteria
13 Steerable Pusher for Ureteral Stents
14 Stainless Steel Guidewires, Teflon coated (PTFE)
15 Cobra Titanium Guidewires, Hydrophilic coated
16 Grasping Forceps, 3-Prong
17 Ureteral Catheters
18  Marflow Stone Baskets, Basket and wire Titanium (NITI)
19  Marflow Stone Baskets, Basket and wire Titanium (NITI) 1.8 Fr and 2.4 Fr
20 Lithotripter, Pneumatic Stone Braker
21 Jun-Air low noise Compressor Type 6-4
22 Percutaneous Nephrostomy Drainage Set ”PIGTAIL”
23 Percutaneous Nephrostomy Drainage Set ”PIGTAIL”
24 Percutaneous Nephrostomy Drainage Set ”MALECOT”
25 Percutaneous Nephrostomy Drainage Set ”MALECOT”
26 Re-Entry MALECOT Drainage Set with " 2 - way Balloon Catheter"
27 Direct Puncture, Neophrostomy Drainage Set
28 Initail Puncture Needles, Chiba Needles, Nephrostomy Drainage Catheter
29 Ureter Access Sheath, Hydrophilic coated
30 Inflation Device – 20 cc, Amplatz Sheath, Hydrophilic
31 Uretrack Ureteral Ballon-Dilator, Transureteroscopic Balloon-Dilator,
Nephrostomy Track Balloon-Dilator
32 Amplatz Renal Dilation Set, Hydrophilic coated
33 Ureteral Dilator Set (70 cm Length), Hydrophilic coated
34  Fascial Dilator Set (20 cm Length), Nottingham One-Step Dilator (70 cm Length), Meatal Dilator
35 Cystocath, Suprapubic Puncture Set, Suprapubic Drainage Set
36 Suprapubic Drainage Set with Metal Trocar
37 Suprapubic Drainage Set with Metal Trocar
38 Bladder Irrigation Set, TUR-Collector with Filter
39 HAEMATURIA Catheters, 2- and 3-way for operations
40 TURP Loop Electrodes for Prostate Surgery
41 TURP Loop Electrodes for Prostate Surgery
42 ELLICK Bladder Evaquator
43 2-Way Balloon Catheters
44 Sterile Liquid with 10% Glycerine to fill Catheter Balloons
45 Sterile Lubricant Catheter Gel
46 Catheter Valve, Catheter Plug
47 Urine Bag 2000 cc
48 Hydrophilic Urinary Catheters, Hydrophilic Urinary Catheter Kit
49 Re - Entry MALECOT Drainage Catheter with Urine B ag connector
50 Semi-Automatic Biopsy-Gun, Gun and Needle combined
51 Nephrology Catheter FLEXICATH with soft Tip and stepper Dilator
52 Nephrology Stylet Catheter PD CATH for Peritoneal Dialysis (Set)