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Urology – Index (According to our catalog)

1 Urology
2–3 Marflow Urology Program - Index
4–5 Ureteral Stents
6–7 Ureteral Stents
8–9 Ureteral Stents
10–11 Ureteral Stents
12–13 Ureteral Stents, Steerable Pusher System for Ureteral Stents
14–15 Grasping Forceps flexible, Grasping Forceps metallic-stiff
16–17 Stainless Steel Guidewires, Nitinol Super Guidewires, Cobra Nitinol Guidewires
18–19  Ureteral Catheters
20–21 Ureter Access Sheath standard, Ureter Access Sheath braided
22-23 Marflow Stone Basket
24–25 Lithotripter, Lithotripter Features
26–27 Percutaneous Nephrostomy Drainage Set ”PIGTAIL”
28–29  Percutaneous Nephrostomy Drainage Set ”MALECOT”
30–31  Percutaneous Nephrostomy Drainage Set
32–33 Percutaneous Nephrostomy, Drainage Pigtail Catheter, Nephrostomy Drainage Set
34–35 Re-Entry MALECOT Drainage Catheter, Initial Puncture Needles, Chiba Needles
36–37 Fascial Dilator Sets, Ureter Dilator Set
38–39 Ureteral Balloon-Dilator, Transureteroscopic Balloon-Dilator, Nephrostomy Track Balloon-Dilator, Inflation Device – 20cc
40–41 Nottingham One-Step Dilator, Female Dilator, Meatal Dilator, Urethra Dilator Set Curved
42–43 Amplatz Renal Dilation Set, Amplatz Renal Dilators
44–45 Telescope PCNL – Dilation Set, Mini PCNL – Dilation Set
46–47 Cystocath
48–49 Suprapubic Drainage Set
50–51 Semi-Automatic Biopsy-Gun, TUR Electrodes
52–53 TUR Electrodes, MONOPOLAR, TUR Electrodes, BIPOLAR
54–55 HAEMATURIA Catheter
56–57 Bladder Irrigation Set, Bladder Evaquator
58–59 2-Way Balloon Catheters, 2-Way Balloon Catheter
60–61 Incontinence Catheter
62–63 Suprapubic Catheter Set, Kangaroo underpants for suprapubic catheter, Catheter Gel, Sterile Liquid with 10% Glycerine to fill Catheter Balloons
64–65 Hydrophilic Urinary Catheter, Hydrophilic Urinary Catheter Kit, Urine Bag 2000cc
66–67 Intra – Uterine Insemination Catheter, Dialyse – blood purification Venous-Catheter
68 Marflow Medical Equipment