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Gastroenterology – Index (According to our catalog)

1 Gastroenterology
2–3 Marflow Gastroenterology Program - Index
4–5 Multiband Ligator Barrel with 6 bands, Multiband Ligator Colonic
6–7 Sclerotherapy Injection Needle, Clip Applicator – single
8–9 Clip Applicator - reloadable, Clips for Clip Applicator - reloadable
10–11 Esophageal Nitinol Stent self expandable, Esophageal Dilator Set
12–13 Esophageal Dilators – single, Flexible Spring Tip Guidewire
14–15 Esophageal Balloon Dilator, Achalasia-Cardia Balloon Dilator
16–17 3 Stage Balloon Dilator, Inflation Device
18–19 Foreign Body Holding Forceps
20–21 Foreign Body Holding Forceps – single use, Choledocho Basket
22-23 Memory Basket (Nitinol), Memory Basket (Wire Guided)
24–25 Loop Basket, Polypectomy Snares
26–27 Biopsy Forceps Standard, Hot, Biopsy Forceps with PTFE Tube
28–29 EUS Biopsy-Needle, Cytology Brush
30–31 Suction Coagulation Probe, Wound Drainage and Suction
32–33 Endoscopic Scissor, Spray Catheter, Naso Jejunal Feeding Tube
34–35 PEG Kit, PEG Exchange Catheter
36–37 Esophageal Gastric Balloon, Deflation Device, Esophageal Gastric Balloon, Retrieval Device
38–39 NEG Nitinol Guidewire, Hydra NEG Nitinol Guidewire
40–41 Hydra NEG Combo Nitinol Guidewire, Hydra NEG Superstiff Nitinol Guidewire
42–43 Nitinol Stiff Guidewire, Pancreatic Basket
44–45 Cystostome, ERCP Cannula
46–47 Biliary Dilator, Biliary Balloon Dilator
48–49 Biliary Stone Extraction, Balloon Catheter, Biliary Nitinol Stent
50–51 Biliary Stents – Teflon, Biliary Stents – Double Pigtail, Biliary Stents – Standard, Biliary Stents – Amsterdam
52–53 Pancreatic Stents – Curved, Pancreatic Stents – Pigtail, Biliary Stent Introducer System
54–55 Endolithotripter, Biliary Stone Retrieval Basket
56–57 Manual Lithotripter, Litho Basket-TTS
58–59 Retrieval Basket Multifilament Tip guided, Retrieval Basket Multifilament Wire guided
60–61 Retrieval Basket Multifilament, Naso Biliary Drainage Catheter
62–63 Sphincterotome
64–65 Needle Knife, Cleaning Brush
66–67 Endoscope Valves, Biteblocks for Gastroenterology
68 Marflow Medical Equipment