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Urology – Index (According to our catalog)

1 Urology
2–3 Marflow Urology Program - Index
4–5 Ureteral Stents
6–7 Ureteral Stents
8–9 Ureteral Stents
10–11 Ureteral Stents
12–13 Ureteral Stents, Steerable Pusher
14–15 Grasping Forceps flexible, Grasping Forceps metallic-stiff
16–17 Stainless Steel Guidewires, Nitinol Super Guidewires, Cobra Nitinol Guidewires
18–19 Ureteral Catheter
20–21 Ureter Access Sheath Standard, Ureter Access Sheath Braided
22-23 Marflow Stone Basket Standard, Marflow Stone Basket with reinforced tube
24–25 Lithotripter, Lithotripter Features, Jun-Air low noise Compressor Type 6-4
26–27 Nephrostomy Drainage Set
28–29 Nephrostomy Drainage Set
30–31 Nephrostomy Drainage Set
32–33 Nephrostomy Drainage, Nephrostomy Drainage Set
34–35 Re-Entry MALECOT Drainage Catheter, Initial Puncture Needles, Chiba Needles
36–37 Fascial Dilator, Ureter Dilator Set
38–39 Ureteral Balloon-Dilator, Transureteroscopic Balloon-Dilator, Nephrostomy Track Balloon-Dilator, Inflation Device
40–41 Nottingham One-Step Dilator, Female Dilator, Meatal Dilator, Urethra Dilator Set curved-soft
42–43 Amplatz Renal Dilation Set, Amplatz Renal Dilators, Amplatz Sheath
44–45 Telescope, PCNL – Dilation Set, Mini PCNL – Dilation Set
46–47 Suprapubic Drainage Cystocath
48–49 Suprapubic Drainage Integral, Suprapubic Drainage with Pigtail Catheter
50–51 Semi-Automatic Biopsy-Gun, TUR Electrodes
52–53 TUR Electrodes MONOPOLAR, TUR Electrodes BIPOLAR
54–55 Haematuria Catheter Silicone Elastomer, blue, Haematuria Catheter 100% Silicone, transparent
56–57 Bladder Irrigation Set, TUR-Collector, Bladder Evaquator, ELLICK
58–59 2-Way Balloon Catheter
60–61 Incontinence Catheter, Kangaroo Underpants
62–63 Suprapubic Catheter Set, Kangaroo Underpants, Catheter Gel, Sterile Liquid with 10% Glycerine
64–65 Hydrophilic Urinary Catheter for Paraplegic, Hydrophilic Urinary Catheter Kit for Paraplegic, Urine Bag
66–67 Intra – Uterine, Insemination Catheter, Dialysis Catheter
68 Marflow Medical Equipment